Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My Purple Locks

I tend to get pulled up on my hair alot since I've been dying it. I'm naturally blonde and i was really scared to change my hair colour dramatically! So i have a really long think about what colour would suit me, went through thousands of celeb photos, as you do, lol and then decided on purple. My hairdresser wasn't overally convinced as she has cut my hair since my first cut, but we came to an agreement of using a really dark blackish purple so that i could see whether i liked it with a hint of black. Turns out i wanted it alot brighter. So i really went for it and my hair dresser advised me to use the Schwarzkopf colour as they seemed to be the only brand who did the really bright colours. It seemed a pretty good bargin, getting my hair done by a hairdresser every 6 weeks for £40 or doing it myself for £4 something :)

I do really advice people do to their own hair if you have the colour you want it's so convenient, cheap and you can do it whenever your ready. I tend to let my roots come through quite a bit because i don't like the idea of dying at the first signs of my roots.

The obvious things your gonna need if you are dying your own hair are:
- Old comb, I tend to find this an easier way to get the dye from the roots, straight through to the ends.

- Your own towel, make sure you use it every wash because the dye does tend to still come out after alot of washes.

- Keep a big clip handy for when you've put all the dye through so u can just clip it all up and wait.

- An old t shirt, specially for hair dying to save ruining your tops on a regular basis.

- And if you find it pretty tricky like i do, a helping hand! e.g mummy :) When i say to her I'm going to go dye my hair, what i really mean is, we are going to go dye my hair!

This how my hair comes out and looks in the sun, it looks pretty dark when you first dye it but when the light shines on it it's really bright. I don't know why but i also noticed that the colour looks much better when you curl your hair.

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  1. Your hair is lovely! I love bright colours :) I use that hair dye but the red one instead x