Thursday, 25 November 2010

NOTD - Matte Nails

Helllo blogettes!

Have to share this massive excitement i seem to have over my new nail varnish!
I recently decided to try matte coloured nail varnish and i absolutely love it! Now keep in mind i get excited over things people discovered ages ago, I'm slightly behind, but i don't care :)

It's gonna be so good to use for designs because with the matte against a shine it will really stand out. Now i know you can get matte colours in alot of brands but I'm a big fan of Barry M and really wish they'd do a matte edition. So i checked out my local Avon, which I'm a rep for anyways, and found that they are doing a matte collection!

I know they seem like the most boring colours to get but with something simple like a grey or black they can be used against any over colours. The colours are called, Grey Cement + Black as Night. I haven't used the Black as Night yet though! They are 12ml and have quite a love brush which is nice, and they were £2.10 because i get my discount but in the 2nd to next brochure they are £3.00, which I'm not complaining by because they are a different collection compared to normal colours so it's worth it. So these should be available around the 23rd of December.

I know it sounds stupid because there is no gloss in the paint to take long to dry but i am AMAZED of how quickly it takes to dry :0 Literally in a matter of 10 seconds!
This is a really poor example of a design you could do and how much a normal paint shows against a matte.

How you go any matte colours, if so what local brands do nice shades?

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My Purple Locks

I tend to get pulled up on my hair alot since I've been dying it. I'm naturally blonde and i was really scared to change my hair colour dramatically! So i have a really long think about what colour would suit me, went through thousands of celeb photos, as you do, lol and then decided on purple. My hairdresser wasn't overally convinced as she has cut my hair since my first cut, but we came to an agreement of using a really dark blackish purple so that i could see whether i liked it with a hint of black. Turns out i wanted it alot brighter. So i really went for it and my hair dresser advised me to use the Schwarzkopf colour as they seemed to be the only brand who did the really bright colours. It seemed a pretty good bargin, getting my hair done by a hairdresser every 6 weeks for £40 or doing it myself for £4 something :)

I do really advice people do to their own hair if you have the colour you want it's so convenient, cheap and you can do it whenever your ready. I tend to let my roots come through quite a bit because i don't like the idea of dying at the first signs of my roots.

The obvious things your gonna need if you are dying your own hair are:
- Old comb, I tend to find this an easier way to get the dye from the roots, straight through to the ends.

- Your own towel, make sure you use it every wash because the dye does tend to still come out after alot of washes.

- Keep a big clip handy for when you've put all the dye through so u can just clip it all up and wait.

- An old t shirt, specially for hair dying to save ruining your tops on a regular basis.

- And if you find it pretty tricky like i do, a helping hand! e.g mummy :) When i say to her I'm going to go dye my hair, what i really mean is, we are going to go dye my hair!

This how my hair comes out and looks in the sun, it looks pretty dark when you first dye it but when the light shines on it it's really bright. I don't know why but i also noticed that the colour looks much better when you curl your hair.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Lush - The Boogg

This is another product of the Christmas limited edition. If it wasn't already obvious it's a ballistic but it's pretty small compared to some of the others. It was £2.25. I think most people who love lush, know about the Swedish tradition of this product, and to put the story short, the people of Sweden put fireworks into a snowman and light them so that it blows the snowman up, which is kind of what they are going for with all the bright colours in the back of the head of the Boogg.

I recently read a post from Christina Maries blog, as she was lucky enough to be featured in the lush times, they sent her a gift box, which included the Boogg, she recommended it to be relaxing and smelling herbally so i thought i'd give it a try :) Check out her blog,

It was a really herbally kinda of smell which was nice and relaxing, and the smell stayed around on my body a good while after the bath. The only thing i was disappointed with was the bubbles! Considering it was a ballistic, the bubbles had all disappeared in the matter of about 5 minutes of being in there. But it did give some really pretty colours so overall it was worth a try.
( Ignore my cat being overall loud with her meowing!)

Lush - Sex Bomb

Once again, a really girly product! Gotta love the sweet smells and the pinky and purpley colours. I thought this was really pretty to try in the bath and i know it's been out a good while now and i've heard some good things about it. It costs £2.95. Sex Bomb gets it's name from the ingredients that are used, as there is a sent of Jasmine oil in it, it does tend to relax you and your body but Jasmine is also seen as an aphrodisiac hense where the idea of sex bomb comes in :)

This has got to be my FAVE bath bomb so far! I absolutely loved it! It was really relaxing, it smelt gorgeous and the colour was just WOW! It made my bath look a mix of pink and coral and red all mixed together it was such a pretty colour. The smell after the bath stayed around for ages. Made my whole body smell really sweet and fresh. This is something i would really recommend to anyone who hasn't yet tried it!!

Whats your favourite bath bomb?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Lush - Candy Cane

I thought whilst the christmas limited edition bits were out i'd give some a try. This was the first christmas product i've tried so far. It smells sweet and girly and if your anything like me and enjoy anything pink and girly, it's right up your street. If i had to compare it to anything i'd say it really smells like bubble gum, like the hubabubba gum that was really sweet!
I only used half my bar and the smell really hit you when you walked into the room. So im assuming that with a whole bar it would be twice as good. I don't know whether the smell will stay on my body with a whole bar but with just half the smell seemed to have faded once i got out the bath :(
Overall it was a great product, it was really relaxing to just lay back and feel like a princess in my pink bath.

I have heard and seen on youtube that the best way to use a bubble bar was to crumble it either under a running tap or before you put in the water and it seemed to really work.
I done a quick video of when it started but the water does goes slightly pinker then what it shows.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Lush - Haul & Review

So recently i took a trip to lush with the boyfriend + picked up a couple of bits just to start me off :) I had been a total Lush virgin until now, due to the fact that although Lush products are gorgeous, as you walk past the smell kinda gives me a headache and puts me off. But i did realise the smell isn't as bad once your actually in the shop lol If your never sure on a product just go on the website and have a nose around, they even have youtube links of them using the product!

So i read some reviews on peoples blogs + youtubes and decided that TWILIGHT was the one for me. I'm super super fussy with smells, i really don't like blackcurrant, cherry, almonds and Cinnamon so i go for more of the girly, lavender smells which twilight was ideal for. Although when i finally used it i was slightly disappointed. I don't know whether it was that my bath was too big for the colours to spend or whether the blue clashed too much with the pink i don't know but my bath turnt out to be like a gray colour :( Was looking forward to this midnight pink but there was none. It looked like i had been rolling in the dirt and jumped in the bath! BUT the smell was really nice, was still as relaxing as i had hoped and left me smelling of lavender well after my bath. So for the smell it was really worth it.

Considering how popular this is i didn't actually buy this soap, it was a free sample i got to try and it was really nice. The smell is like a fudge and honey combined and there is even wax on the ends which really smells, so overall it did smell really yummy! This is something i would advise other people to try if they haven't yet. And i'm defiantly going to get some more on my next trip.


I regularly read the 'MORE' magazine and there was an offer to all readers that they were given vouchers for these products. So i thought for a free product was worth trying. The girl in the lush helped me pick out the correct colour to match my skin tone and explained how i use it. Basically it's like a foundation, you can use it as just a base coat on it's own or mix it with your daily moisturiser. I got it in shade 'Dark Yellow'. I did try using it on it's own but it was just too thick to use. So with a moisturiser, just smooths it out alot easier, giving you a nice glowing base coat. It's pretty ironic seen as i've recently been struggling with a foundation because i'm naturally really pale so if i apply too much it just looks silly, but at the same time without it i look like Casper, so i needed something that wasn't too thick but gave me some colour, so this was an ideal product.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Max Factor Flash Lash Effect

Bonjour Blogettes,

I've recently bought this mascara due to the peer pressure from many blogs & YouTube reviews! I had to try it for myself as i was after some decent length in my lashes! This was on an offer in boots and was reduced from £10.99 to £7.99. & if your as cool as myself that's extra boots points on your card :)

As alot of people have said when they first got it they hated it, BUT it's one of those mascaras you kinda have to get used to after a few tries. If im honest i did wonder why it was so highly rated when i got it. The advantage is that it does give that serious length but i find that it tends to clog your lashes slightly so I've been spending more time then usual spitting them apart. It might be that there is too much on the brush, i'm not sure as I'm still playing around with it. But if i'm getting the length i wanted then i spose it's worth it. I mean, you can't have everything in one mascara, so if i wanted to just unclog i can use a more defining mascara or separate them myself :) Overall it is worth the perseverance because it is worth it.

♥ Packaging - 5/5 ( i love a chunky mascara!)
♥ Volume - 3/5
♥ Length - 5/5
♥ Defining - 3/5