Monday, 22 November 2010

Lush - Sex Bomb

Once again, a really girly product! Gotta love the sweet smells and the pinky and purpley colours. I thought this was really pretty to try in the bath and i know it's been out a good while now and i've heard some good things about it. It costs £2.95. Sex Bomb gets it's name from the ingredients that are used, as there is a sent of Jasmine oil in it, it does tend to relax you and your body but Jasmine is also seen as an aphrodisiac hense where the idea of sex bomb comes in :)

This has got to be my FAVE bath bomb so far! I absolutely loved it! It was really relaxing, it smelt gorgeous and the colour was just WOW! It made my bath look a mix of pink and coral and red all mixed together it was such a pretty colour. The smell after the bath stayed around for ages. Made my whole body smell really sweet and fresh. This is something i would really recommend to anyone who hasn't yet tried it!!

Whats your favourite bath bomb?

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  1. That sounds and looks lovely! Great review/vid as always :) x