Sunday, 3 October 2010

Max Factor Flash Lash Effect

Bonjour Blogettes,

I've recently bought this mascara due to the peer pressure from many blogs & YouTube reviews! I had to try it for myself as i was after some decent length in my lashes! This was on an offer in boots and was reduced from £10.99 to £7.99. & if your as cool as myself that's extra boots points on your card :)

As alot of people have said when they first got it they hated it, BUT it's one of those mascaras you kinda have to get used to after a few tries. If im honest i did wonder why it was so highly rated when i got it. The advantage is that it does give that serious length but i find that it tends to clog your lashes slightly so I've been spending more time then usual spitting them apart. It might be that there is too much on the brush, i'm not sure as I'm still playing around with it. But if i'm getting the length i wanted then i spose it's worth it. I mean, you can't have everything in one mascara, so if i wanted to just unclog i can use a more defining mascara or separate them myself :) Overall it is worth the perseverance because it is worth it.

♥ Packaging - 5/5 ( i love a chunky mascara!)
♥ Volume - 3/5
♥ Length - 5/5
♥ Defining - 3/5


  1. awesome review, ill have to check it out.
    thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.

    for the fonts thing, if you go to, they have a ton of different blogger stuff. go down on the right side and look for tutorials. they have one for adding the fonts.
    if you need any more help let me know! <3

  2. Sounds like an amazing mascara!

  3. Gosh love how the brush looks!! The mascara must be incredible!


  4. I do really recommend it now i've had even more time with it, it doesnt clog as much as i thought just need to watch how much you put on the brush.
    And thanks for the help Julianne x