Thursday, 25 November 2010

NOTD - Matte Nails

Helllo blogettes!

Have to share this massive excitement i seem to have over my new nail varnish!
I recently decided to try matte coloured nail varnish and i absolutely love it! Now keep in mind i get excited over things people discovered ages ago, I'm slightly behind, but i don't care :)

It's gonna be so good to use for designs because with the matte against a shine it will really stand out. Now i know you can get matte colours in alot of brands but I'm a big fan of Barry M and really wish they'd do a matte edition. So i checked out my local Avon, which I'm a rep for anyways, and found that they are doing a matte collection!

I know they seem like the most boring colours to get but with something simple like a grey or black they can be used against any over colours. The colours are called, Grey Cement + Black as Night. I haven't used the Black as Night yet though! They are 12ml and have quite a love brush which is nice, and they were £2.10 because i get my discount but in the 2nd to next brochure they are £3.00, which I'm not complaining by because they are a different collection compared to normal colours so it's worth it. So these should be available around the 23rd of December.

I know it sounds stupid because there is no gloss in the paint to take long to dry but i am AMAZED of how quickly it takes to dry :0 Literally in a matter of 10 seconds!
This is a really poor example of a design you could do and how much a normal paint shows against a matte.

How you go any matte colours, if so what local brands do nice shades?


  1. Ah just put in an order for these now :D I ordered the Violet one and the Dark Blue one! I adore the pattern that you did! <3 x

  2. ohh i LOVEgrey nails.
    but they looks even more amazing with that print.
    love it.<3

  3. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,