Monday, 22 November 2010

Lush - The Boogg

This is another product of the Christmas limited edition. If it wasn't already obvious it's a ballistic but it's pretty small compared to some of the others. It was £2.25. I think most people who love lush, know about the Swedish tradition of this product, and to put the story short, the people of Sweden put fireworks into a snowman and light them so that it blows the snowman up, which is kind of what they are going for with all the bright colours in the back of the head of the Boogg.

I recently read a post from Christina Maries blog, as she was lucky enough to be featured in the lush times, they sent her a gift box, which included the Boogg, she recommended it to be relaxing and smelling herbally so i thought i'd give it a try :) Check out her blog,

It was a really herbally kinda of smell which was nice and relaxing, and the smell stayed around on my body a good while after the bath. The only thing i was disappointed with was the bubbles! Considering it was a ballistic, the bubbles had all disappeared in the matter of about 5 minutes of being in there. But it did give some really pretty colours so overall it was worth a try.
( Ignore my cat being overall loud with her meowing!)

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  1. Aw thanks for the mentione sweetie :) Wow this looks pretty cool (i haven't used mine yet). I don't know what i'm waiting for but i like the way it makes my room smell, lmao! Great review (love the fact that you also add vids) x