Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Lush - Candy Cane

I thought whilst the christmas limited edition bits were out i'd give some a try. This was the first christmas product i've tried so far. It smells sweet and girly and if your anything like me and enjoy anything pink and girly, it's right up your street. If i had to compare it to anything i'd say it really smells like bubble gum, like the hubabubba gum that was really sweet!
I only used half my bar and the smell really hit you when you walked into the room. So im assuming that with a whole bar it would be twice as good. I don't know whether the smell will stay on my body with a whole bar but with just half the smell seemed to have faded once i got out the bath :(
Overall it was a great product, it was really relaxing to just lay back and feel like a princess in my pink bath.

I have heard and seen on youtube that the best way to use a bubble bar was to crumble it either under a running tap or before you put in the water and it seemed to really work.
I done a quick video of when it started but the water does goes slightly pinker then what it shows.

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  1. I loved this one when i used it. The water was pretty :D