Monday, 25 October 2010

Lush - Haul & Review

So recently i took a trip to lush with the boyfriend + picked up a couple of bits just to start me off :) I had been a total Lush virgin until now, due to the fact that although Lush products are gorgeous, as you walk past the smell kinda gives me a headache and puts me off. But i did realise the smell isn't as bad once your actually in the shop lol If your never sure on a product just go on the website and have a nose around, they even have youtube links of them using the product!

So i read some reviews on peoples blogs + youtubes and decided that TWILIGHT was the one for me. I'm super super fussy with smells, i really don't like blackcurrant, cherry, almonds and Cinnamon so i go for more of the girly, lavender smells which twilight was ideal for. Although when i finally used it i was slightly disappointed. I don't know whether it was that my bath was too big for the colours to spend or whether the blue clashed too much with the pink i don't know but my bath turnt out to be like a gray colour :( Was looking forward to this midnight pink but there was none. It looked like i had been rolling in the dirt and jumped in the bath! BUT the smell was really nice, was still as relaxing as i had hoped and left me smelling of lavender well after my bath. So for the smell it was really worth it.

Considering how popular this is i didn't actually buy this soap, it was a free sample i got to try and it was really nice. The smell is like a fudge and honey combined and there is even wax on the ends which really smells, so overall it did smell really yummy! This is something i would advise other people to try if they haven't yet. And i'm defiantly going to get some more on my next trip.


I regularly read the 'MORE' magazine and there was an offer to all readers that they were given vouchers for these products. So i thought for a free product was worth trying. The girl in the lush helped me pick out the correct colour to match my skin tone and explained how i use it. Basically it's like a foundation, you can use it as just a base coat on it's own or mix it with your daily moisturiser. I got it in shade 'Dark Yellow'. I did try using it on it's own but it was just too thick to use. So with a moisturiser, just smooths it out alot easier, giving you a nice glowing base coat. It's pretty ironic seen as i've recently been struggling with a foundation because i'm naturally really pale so if i apply too much it just looks silly, but at the same time without it i look like Casper, so i needed something that wasn't too thick but gave me some colour, so this was an ideal product.

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  1. omg i wanna try that colour supplement so badddllyyy.
    so glad you like it.
    i love lush review. <3