Friday, 1 October 2010

These boots were made for walking!

I absolutely love love love autumn & winter times :) Looking forward to Christmas already! So i though in preparation i needed some snug winter boots!
I did fancy a heeled pair of ankle boots but once i saw these i decided against it!
I searched loads of different shoe websites which i'll list but i went on to and they have some really nice shoes for cheap :) My kinda website!

They took 2 days to arrive and i got my email to let me know when they have shipped it which was good. The delivery coats 3.99 and it was the standard delivery which is expected to be delivered within 3 - 4 days but from my previous experience with boohoo the delivery is really quick!

The packaging was great, as you can see i took pictures because i don't like my posts to be too wordy lol But it came with a little book of the latest looks for this season which was a bonus! ( Please ignore the leopard print pjs :) lol )

I'm a size 5 but on odd occasions i can be a 4 but i ordered a 5 and these fit perfect! So if you do get boots from here it's more than likely it will fit. Over all i really recommend these boots for winter they are SO comfy & for £35 it's ideal!

Heres just a few online shops for shoes websites i've come across::

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